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Intricate Jewelry

These pieces are one of a kind; either the materials or the design demand it. My intricate jewelry is rare. These are profound expressions of my gold-smithing and design skills but they're meant to be worn and enjoyed often.
BAZAAR Bracelet
Seductive and weighty, this bracelet drapes deliciously on your wrist. It's brightly polished so it naturally radiates light. Contrasting mix of micro chainmaille weaves adds texture and depth. The bezel set Turquoise button slips through a button...
"Serpentine" Chainmaille Necklace in Sterling Silver and 18KY Gold
Graceful curves define an asymmetrical necklace that has no fixed front or back.  Sections of 18K yellow gold are woven in an organic stripe pattern. The small lock totally blends in allowing you to designate any section as the front in order to c...
"Dragon" Chainmaille Bracelet in Contrasting Sterling Silver
Brimming with intricate details and entirely made by hand, this bracelet combines a traditional weave and an original web link weave of my own invention. The entire bracelet is a synthesis of traditional and modern chainmaille technique. ...
"Decadence" Chainmaille Lariat with Tourmalines
A unique and versatile piece, this lariat necklace is hand woven of hundreds of Sterling Silver rings that are intersected by sections of woven 18KY gold. Narrowing width of the chainmaille adds interest to the intricate pattern. Faceted Tourmalin...
"Glacier" Chainmaille Necklace of Sterling Silver, 18KY Gold and Aquamarine
Smooth and translucent, large icy aquamarine pieces contrast with flexible sections of oxidized Sterling Silver chainmaille and 18KY gold in this powerful necklace. 425 CTS Aquamarines. Oxidized Sterling Silver. 18KY gold. Graduated tubular weave...
"Fleurie" Chainmaille Necklace in Oxidized Sterling Silver, Palladium and 18KY Gold
Meticulously handcrafted of varying links and styles of weave, this is a remarkable statement necklace. Traditional weave and web chainmaille form abstract flowers in the center of this completely flexible piece that molds and moves with you. Othe...
"Magic Carpet" Knitted Leather Bracelet with Fused Glass and Freshwater Pearl
Hand knitted band of thin silky leather sports a lively arrangement of iridescent fused glass and a single freshwater pearl. The eccentric knitting pattern is visible through the transparent glass cabochons. This specific color scheme is a sample ...
WEB Bracelet
Gleaming links are crafted into an intricate Sterling Silver net that gently drapes on the wrist and gives off maximum sparkle. A gauntlet style statement bracelet that extends onto the top of the hand. Completely flexible. 6" long and 5" wide. T...
"Spider Web" Chainmaille Choker in Sterling Silver
Seriously reflective and eye catching statement necklace, artfully constructed to gently drape the neck as it catches and magnifies your own beauty. This choker style necklace can be worn with jeans and a T-shirt or an elegant gown and anything in...
TWIST Bracelet
Woven from hundreds of tiny oxidized Sterling silver and 18KY gold rings, this bracelet is significant urban armor. It drapes and moves on the wrist like silk.  Oxidized Sterling silver, 18KY gold. 7” long, 2.5” wide. One of a Kind.