LEI Freshwater Pearl Necklace


A charming single strand of freshwater pearls has playful flowers formed and arranged in a whimsical order along its length. On each of the ends of the LEI necklace is a large Sterling Silver ring that functions with the clasp so that you can attach your favorite charms and also wear the necklace as a lariat. There are many ways to enjoy this remarkable pearl necklace; you may also choose to wear it as a bracelet. It will wrap five times around an average wrist, twice loosely around the neck.

  • Sterling silver closure.
  • Natural and dyed freshwater pearls.
  • 40" (1.02m) L, .50" (1.20cm) W.
  • Choose white or black as the primary color, with coordinating accents.
  • Made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks.

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