How does she make that? - My intellectual process

Hello, Lovely Reader!

The making process starts where the brainstorming/intellectual process finishes. And in my head, it goes a little like this:

A bolt of creative lightning has struck me! Then suddenly, I get carried away thinking about the finished object. At this point, I am super excited to get going. WAIT A MINUTE!!! How the hell am I going to achieve it? [To communicate this as an internal monologue to readers, I will tab this paragraph in to make it look like a separate thought]

I always have to think about the consequences of each design decision a few steps ahead, not to waste time and effort only to find I have to undo hours of work to move forward. Aka, "check yo self before you wreck yo self."

For example, I've worked tirelessly and made bracelets I've hated, ugly earrings I finished and melted into fresh material, and a fabulous necklace that probably made me go grey. That bracelet I hated looked a lot better a few years later when I added a new chainmaille technique! The necklace found a delighted customer, and melting those earrings was the best creative direction because it allowed me to let go of an idea that wasn't working! But, all of them either taught me to approach the same idea differently or simplify a concept entirely.

The physical process of making is a fantastic journey because it's the link between abstraction and the concrete world. I am transforming a thought experiment into a tangible piece of jewelry you can enjoy!

Thanks for reading; stay safe and healthy out there.

With Gratitude,

Carolina Cole