As a fine art metalsmith, Carolina thrives in the landscape of the unknown; the place where objects of pure invention are expertly handcrafted into powerful fine jewelry for your personal expression.

Carolina Cole has been a creative artist and keen observer of detail all her life, and a professional goldsmith and award winning jewelry designer for decades. The jewelry presented here are her projections of what well designed and exquisitely crafted modern fine jewelry should be: Jewelry that empowers and celebrates your exceptionality.

Her practice bonds traditional jewelry-making techniques to a contemporary fine jewelry aesthetic. The result is a variety of striking compositions that float and move on the body sensuously. Softness, transparency, and suppleness are qualities that guides her intention.

The collections presented here vary from the charming HAPPY FLOWERS and CONTEMPORARY PEARLS to the abstract COSMOS, TERRA and the seminal INTRICATE JEWELRY Collection. All are intimate expressions of lived experiences or extensions of what she thinks modern fine jewelry should be: