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I am an experienced hands-on jewelry designer and goldsmith.

I work with a torch, hammer and saw daily. Pliers are natural extensions of my fingers. I use files, big and small to carve and shape metal. Locks and hinges fascinate me, especially tiny ones.

I love what I do, my craft fulfills me as an artist and inventor. I'm grateful everyday that my hands can craft what my brain designs.

I’ve always had a creative and analytical mind. I love to take things apart just to figure out how they work. I've been designing and crafting all of my life. I grew up in Chile before TV dominated the everyday landscape. My mom did her best to keep her 5 kids busy when we weren't in school. She even taught my brothers her favorite pastimes; knitting, sewing, crocheting and embroidery. Long before I became a goldsmith, I was an experienced knitter.

It was only a matter of time before these two unrelated disciplines would blend and become my single most favorite thing in the world: Chainmaille. Crafting precious metal cloth by hand is an intricate and totally absorbing process for me. Mastering chainmaille requires deliberate planning, meticulous execution and the patience of a saint!

My intention is to make fantastic jewelry and at the same time redefine the medium. My jewelry collections include pieces that are elegantly simple and mysteriously complex. Whether the piece has a 1,000 small links or is a single simple ring, my objective is the same, to make...

Remarkable Jewelry for Exceptional People.

In the workshop

Artist and Goldsmith