Bold. Beautiful. Never Boring.

Remarkable Jewelry for Exceptional People

Carolina Cole is a visionary metalsmith and award winning jewelry designer with decades of bench experience.

Her practice is diverse and reflects the wealth of her skills and broad imagination.

black and white portrait of Carolina Cole

Bold. Beautiful. Never Boring.

Suite - Earrings and Brooch

Favorites from my debut collection that featured woven thread sewn onto a Sterling silver base and accented with 14KY gold wire.

At that time, combining metal and thread was completely unorthodox but for me it was a natural combination. I had grown up with a strong sewing and knitting practice before I ever worked in precious metals.

Bold. Beautiful. Never Boring.


The Patch Series was a small edition of 12 distinct earring shapes and the last collection containing sewn thread elements. While my work became synonimous for the combination, I was ready to move in a different direction.

Sterling silver and metallic sewing thread.

Bold. Beautiful. Never Boring.

Earrings for Linda

Of all the custom pieces I've made over the years, these large earrings remain a favorite.

Technically challenging because the ten individually cast pieces in each earring were soldered to one another. The silky sheen of the 18KY gold and oxidized Sterling Silver contrast with the sparkle of the suspended diamonds and brightly polished highlights.

Bold. Beautiful. Never Boring.


Inspired by the scale of Navajo brooches, this was a pivotal piece for me.

The scale is large, like the size of an orange and making it was technically challenging. The large sheet of Sterling Silver it is constructed from is extremely thin and each void and indentation has a supporting wall for stability. The four pebble accents on the edge walls are loosely attached so the piece has a musical quality to it.

This was the first piece in which I used glass. I was so excited about the possibilities of using glass as an alternative to natural colored stones, that I took a serious detour into glass making.

Bold. Beautiful. Never Boring.


I have always had an uncomfortable relationship with natural gemstones. I admit to their magnificence but the environmental degradation and human suffering that mining practices costs, is very hard for me to reconcile.

In the late 90's I learned how to make glass solely for the purpose of making these cabochons my gemstones. The array of colors and luminosity possible expanded my color palette exponentially and this is still a practice that I delight in today.

This bracelet includes my glass cabochons and also a freshwater pearl. The Sterling Silver mountings are individually crafted and then they are strung onto a flexible leather cord.

Bold. Beautiful. Never Boring.

Paisley Brooch

Skeletal structures intrigue me, their fragility holds a mystique unlike solid forms. Theres no room for error and each aspect of the composition must add interest, balance and bolster structural integrity.

Less material mass freed me to push the size of this 6" long brooch. The brooch also contains an array of freshwater pearls and is embellished with fine silver wire.

Bold. Beautiful. Never Boring.

Metro Collection

I began to focus on a large collection of individual pieces that could be combined in several ways, allowing you to make your own personal jewelry wardrobe.

Based around the heart motif, I chose to impart specific meanings to each heart shaped charm. The collection is very personal to me because my family has been profoundly affected by heart issues.

The collection featured a unique locking bail, several charms, bangle bracelets, chain link and leather bracelets. METRO elements are Sterling silver with freshwater pearl accents.