DARK SIDE Necklace


The handcrafted bright Sterling Silver chain gradually transforms into a dramatic black chain, this is called ombré oxidation. A sliding ring floats on the long side of the chain, giving you many options on the lariat's overall length and look. You may choose to leave a dramatic length of the chain dangle to the waist, or you may choose to loop the pearl end and knot it, as seen in the second view below. Each link is individually distressed, enhancing the handcrafted nature of this elegant lariat-style necklace.

  • 26" total L, .75" W (66cm L, 2cm W) at the bottom of the pearl.
  • White pearl measures 1" (38mm) L, 5/8" (20mm), W.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Sterling silver with 18KY gold accents inbetween the pearls.
  • It is a limited edition, but please be aware that each pearl is unique, and variations will occur.

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