TIME CAPSULE Lariat Necklace


This long handcrafted chain is a versatile piece that you can wear in several ways; as a long necklace tied, a shorter necklace looped onto itself, or a choker or a belt if you desire. It's made of distressed and oxidized Sterling silver with 18KY gold accents and punctuated by various exciting gemstones and ancient artifacts; that's why I call it the Time Capsule.

  • 48" (122cm) L, 1.05" (27mm) W at the top of the spear tip.
  • Ancient Stone spear tip, limestone tinged with iron oxide.
  • Faceted Copper Rutilated Quartz, .61" (15.5mm) square set in a bright Sterling Silver bezel.
  • Pear-shaped grey Mobe'pearl, .75" by .63" (19mm by 16mm) set in a bright Sterling Silver bezel with signature textured and hallmarked enclosed back.
  • Pear-shaped Tourmalinated Quartz, 1.09" by .59" (27mm by 15mm) set in an open back bright Sterling Silver bezel.
  • Constantine the Great Gloria Excertivus Ancient bronze Roman coin from 335AD. Siscia, Imperial period 27BC to 475AD. This coin is set in 18KY gold prongs surrounded by a bright Sterling Silver frame. The back of this coin is also visible.
  • An iridescent Dendritic Agate set in an open back bright Sterling Silver frame with prongs. .71" (18mm) square.
  • A six-sided Quartz crystal point, 1.4" (35mm) L, including the bright Sterling Silver cap that attaches the crystal to the chain.
  • Only one will ever be available.

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